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Thank You

Published on January 5, 2013 By Sandra

It’s been a tough week filled with major life changes. From losing Hondo on January 1st, to starting in a new section within the VPD on January 2nd, to our new puppy arriving on January 3rd, to a home reno starting later this month…well, I’ve never started a year with such upheaval before. I’ll fill […]

Our Last Week in Operations

Published on December 17, 2012 By Sandra

  Tonight marks the beginning of the last week Police Dog Hondo and I will officially work together; Hondo is being retired (to me) and I am moving on to another division. Due to department structure and logistics, Vancouver Police dog handlers are assigned to the Dog Squad for the duration of working with one […]

Double Take

Published on August 21, 2012 By Sandra

In 2005, another officer and I were each paired with young, prospective police dogs Hondo and Knight, litter mates from overseas. The other officer and I spent the next several weeks testing and getting to know the new dogs to see if they would make the cut.¬†They both did, and we all entered training together. […]

Dog Squad Give-Away!!

Published on November 8, 2011 By Sandra

Thank you to everyone who visited our two sites last Friday and purchased the 2012 Vancouver Police dog Calendar – it was a sell out for the calendars we had on hand, but calendars are still available online! * * Online orders have been steady, and we are expecting another rush of sales before Christmas. […]

Heat Wave

Published on July 29, 2009 By Sandra

Thank goodness for air conditioning. A uniform, a bullet proof vest, hiking boots and all the law enforcement gear do not make great hot weather attire, and I’m not sure how officers in Ontario or the southern States handle this type of heat and humidity on a regular basis.¬† As for our four legged partners, […]