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Benefits of Training

Published on January 12, 2012 By Sandra

Ecole Polytechnique.  Columbine.  Red Lake Senior High.  The Amish School. Virginia Tech. These are only some of the school shootings that have resulted in nationwide changes to how law enforcement trains for an ‘active shooter‘. During training, officers are armed with simunition (little paint bullets fired through the officer’s own gun) and go into a […]

The Good Old Days…

Published on January 27, 2010 By Sandra

My first few months as a new police officer were spent being partnered with a senior officer and assigned to an area in the Downtown Eastside.  At the time, police were always dispatched to drug overdoses and many of my early calls for service were spent standing by and watching as paramedics and the Fire Department tried to bring the […]

Easing the Journey

Published on January 8, 2010 By Sandra

“CD to all units. We’ve got a call of a stabbing at 1234 Somewhere St. Neighbors have found a man stabbed inside the house. A suspect is in the front yard still armed with a knife.” My partner hit the lights and rocketed our police car towards the call, as did units from all over the district. I didn’t bother telling […]