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Bad Guys Beware….He’s Baaaack….

Published on April 17, 2010 By Sandra

Last night was Hondo’s  first shift back to work.  I was a little giddy as I went through my regular pre-night-shift-routine during the day and I’m sure Hondo picked up on the anticipation – he was shadow at my heel, his tail was in a constant slow wag, and he kept waiting at the front door with a “Come one! What […]

Roller Coaster

Published on March 13, 2010 By Sandra

These last couple of weeks have been quite the ride.  Hondo was back at the vet hospital for four days this week after having an adverse reaction to the medication used to treat his IMHA.  The doctors were able to evaluate the dosage and the types of medication to reduce the side effects and Hondo came home […]

As Promised…

Published on March 1, 2010 By Sandra

    Have you ever seen so many Canadians shout out their pride?  I haven’t – it was great!  So here’s a little bit of good news to help us recover from the patriotic hangover – Hondo came home today. After being hospitalized for more than a week, Hondo was given what the doctors are calling a […]


Published on February 22, 2010 By Sandra

Today was another rough day.  After seeing a bit of improvement in him yesterday, Hondo took a step or two backwards this morning. He’s now been admitted to the Animal Emergency Clinic. The staff have been amazing and very understanding – I’m sure they are used to dealing with distraught pet owners on a regular basis. If […]

The Best Laid Plans…

Published on February 20, 2010 By Sandra

Our calendar was full to the end of the month with regular shifts, overtime shifts and training. Now, instead of working in uniform, I’m working with the veterinarian to ensure Hondo recovers from a sudden, nasty infection and the resulting complications.  It’s a far more difficult job than the one I’m used to as I’ve not […]