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The Female Warrior

Published on May 17, 2011 By Sandra

A direct result of our kids advancing to high level sports and the accompanying hectic schedule attached to that of two already-busy shift workers is my lack of posting over the past month.  I’ve been here in spirit (I always will be), but it’s been increasingly difficult to manage time, and I will always choose […]

Bad Guys Beware….He’s Baaaack….

Published on April 17, 2010 By Sandra

Last night was Hondo’s  first shift back to work.  I was a little giddy as I went through my regular pre-night-shift-routine during the day and I’m sure Hondo picked up on the anticipation – he was shadow at my heel, his tail was in a constant slow wag, and he kept waiting at the front door with a “Come one! What […]

When the Boys Get Compromised

Published on March 8, 2010 By Sandra

My muse has never been one to flee in times of conflict, adversity or uncertaintainty so it’s obvious the stress of the last couple of weeks has been a bit much.  Today I decided ‘no more’ and demanded my muse make a reappearance.  Thankfully she obliged and we were able to settle on a story that registers high in […]

Game Face

Published on February 24, 2010 By Sandra

One aspect of this job that often comes as a surprise to the family and loved ones of police officers is the change that overcomes their officers in the hours leading up to the start of shift.  No, the officers do not go through a science fiction style metamorphosis; instead officers likely exhibit subtle and sometimes not […]

Questions to Ask Yourself as a Police Hopeful

Published on February 4, 2010 By Sandra

I recently had a conversation with a colleague of mine about what we should communicate to people considering a career in law enforcement. My colleague, who helps with recruit training, said the following question should be asked of all police hopefuls: “Why do you want to be a police officer?” Most will give the appropriate answer […]