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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Published on December 13, 2009 By Sandra

There is a big difference between Prairie snow and West Coast snow. Prairie snow is fluffy, dry and fairly easy to drive in.  Unless, of course, the weather plummets to -28 C with relentless wind resulting in limited visibility like it was today in Calgary, Alberta. In that case it’s the rest of Mother Nature’s fury […]

Today’s a Big Day!

Published on November 20, 2009 By Sandra

Today I joined the team of writers over in the Driving Section of The Vancouver Sun newspaper, where the Friday edition will include various traffic related posts from Behind the Blue Line. Many thanks to editor Keith Morgan for the wonderful opportunity, and to the rest of the team for being so welcoming. Now I’m off to negotiate my way through […]

More Driving Stuff

Published on November 12, 2009 By Sandra

As I said in the post Honest Scrap, I really do think I’m a decent driver.  Not for the fact that I’ve been driving for along time, but for the fact much of that driving is done at high speed, through heavy traffic, with lights flashing and siren blasting, around those who do not know what […]

Can You Answer This?

Published on October 13, 2009 By Sandra

Let me paint the picture: You are driving on a two lane highway, with one lane going in each direction.  No passing is allowed due to the turns and hills on the roadway – think of the Sea to Sky highway, or Hwy’s 3 and 5 to BC’s Interior.  The speed limit is 80 kms/hr, […]

High Beams

Published on September 26, 2009 By Sandra

Let me clarify that I’m not much of a traffic cop.  Even though I pull many people over, I don’t write many tickets.  Giving warnings is more my style. A couple of weeks ago, in the late evening, I had to squint against the oncoming high-beams of an approaching car.  When the car failed to switch the beams […]