Sandra is aware many citizens do not really understand what a police officer’s job entails.  Completely unlike modern TV shows, police officers are not able to solve murders in a one hour time slot (with time for commercials).  Today, police officers face dangers not often seen in Canadian law enforcement and their job is becoming more hazardous.  With this blog, Sandra hopes to blur the thin blue line of policing in an effort to help citizens understand what today’s officers deal with.

Q. Is BEHIND THE BLUE LINE an official VPD blog?

A. Yes, BEHIND THE BLUE LINE is an official blog of the Vancouver Police Department.  However, the comments, posts and opinions contained within this blog are those of the writer and are not necessarily those of the Vancouver Police Department or the police board.

Q. Are the posts and comments written by an actual VPD officer, or by the VPD’s Media Relations staff?

A.  All the posts and comments are written by Cst. Sandra Glendinning, so the answer to the question is a little bit of both! When this blog launched in 2008, Sandra was assigned to the Dog Squad, but she is now assigned to the Public Affairs Section as Social Media/Media Relations Officer.

Q. How do I learn what it takes to become a police officer for the Vancouver Police Department?

A. Please visit the recruiting page of the Vancouver Police Department, which can be viewed on the departmental website at www.vpd.ca. You can also search through the VPD’s Twitter account, @VancouverPD, and search for the following hashtags, most of which relate to recruiting:

  • #JoinTeamVPD
  • #TeamVPD
  • #RobertsOnRecruiting
  • #ROR
  • #Recruiting

Q. How do I contact Cst. Glendinning if I have a question, comment, concern or suggestion for a blog topic?

A. You can e-mail Cst. Glendinning at sandra.glendinning@vpd.ca

Q. Does Cst. Glendinning publish her writing anywhere else?

A. Cst. Glendinning wrote for The Vancouver Sun for nearly three years (2009-2012), with a weekly column covering traffic safety & driving issues, with the occasional anecdote about working with a police dog.

For all Media requests, please contact Vancouver Police Public Affairs at (604) 717-2680.

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