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Murphy’s Law

Published on August 26, 2009 By Sandra

Some of our best witnesses in recent months have been citizens who just happen to be in the area when a serious crime takes place.  From a motorist driving by and witnessing an abduction in broad daylight, to a woman on her way to work and seeing masked and armed suspects storm a bank, to the […]

How to be a Good Witness – Part Three

Published on December 30, 2008 By Sandra

As promised, here is the final installment for my mini-series on ‘How to be a Good Witness’. So you’ve found yourself in the position where a crime unfolds itself right in front of you, and you are fortunate enough to have in your possession a fully charged cell phone. You are able to make the call in […]

How to be a Good Witness – Part One

Published on December 22, 2008 By Sandra

 After reading a comment left by Molly on the ‘Theft from Auto’ post, I found it discouraging to hear her building management would not install cameras in the building or underground parking lot, even after repeated break-ins and vehicle thefts.  Security systems are a proven deterrent.  Even if a crime does take place, the cameras provide the […]