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Decorations for the Holidays

Published on December 7, 2009 By Sandra

  A friend of mine sent me an email with this photo attached – some fellow says he out did himself this year with his Christmas decorations, but he ended up having to take down the fake ‘person’ as too many people were trying to rescue ‘him’, including one 55 year old lady who just […]

The Gift of Paper

Published on November 29, 2009 By Sandra

How appropriate that the traditional gift on a one year anniversary is one of paper. Today marks one year with Behind the Blue Line, a concept first dreamed about and then brought to fruition.  Even though this blog is read online, the writing itself stems from a need to indulge in the written word, to let flow onto ‘paper’ […]

A Role Model for Officers

Published on November 5, 2009 By Sandra

When I first started with policing, one of my trainers said something I’ve never forgotten.  It was such a valuable piece of wisdom that I repeat it to every recruit who comes out with me for a shift. “You will see bits of yourself in many officers.  Take what is good about the differing styles of police […]

Barely Holding It Together

Published on November 1, 2009 By Sandra

It’s amazing how well some people can hold it all together until the last possible minute. Yesterday morning I stopped a car with the suspicion the driver was impaired.  He was impaired all right, but not by alcohol.  ‘John’ had various narcotics racing through his system, and even at 0600 hrs, he was a jittering and […]

Through the Cracks

Published on July 6, 2009 By Sandra

A certain part of our society is always in danger of slipping through the web of services, assistance and care designed to keep people healthy, functioning and safe.  Be it because of mental health issues, lack of economic income or by choice, this percentage of our citizenry is constantly monitored. But still, they slip through, even […]