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Right Place, Right Time

Published on July 27, 2009 By Sandra

The other dog handlers and I had a conversation last night about our successes at what we do as a chosen profession. In between reliving great calls and talking about last night’s events (it was busy enough to keep four dog teams hopping), we agreed that a lot of our success comes down to being […]

Night Shift

Published on June 9, 2009 By Sandra

There’s nothing quite like seeing the city as she slumbers.   The darkness turns everything surreal, and as long as you stay away from the streets of rhythm and dance in the entertainment district, you can feel how big the city is.  For those of us who work night shift, it is a time like no other.  When the hunting […]

Bailiffs, ‘Stolen’ Cars, and the Ice Cream Caper

Published on March 23, 2009 By Sandra

The volunteers with the Vancouver Police Department’s Citizens Crime Watch are an alert, dedicated group of people, and dozens of stolen vehicles are recovered each year because of them.  This past weekend was no exception. Saturday afternoon was the type of day featured on our city’s postcards.  It was sunny and mild, the snow capped […]

Giving Back – Odd Squad Productions

Published on February 3, 2009 By Sandra

As police officers, we have taken an oath to serve and protect.  Once we have been sworn to duty, we are issued a badge, a uniform, a gun, and are trained in a certain skill set to better prepare us in upholding our oath.  For most, the oath of a police officer is serious business.  […]

Why Car Thieves Fear Police Dogs

Published on December 29, 2008 By Sandra

A while back, a young man made the poor decision to steal a minivan. John (not his real name) drove around Vancouver in his stolen van until he caught the attention of two officers in a police car.  They conducted a traffic stop, and John pulled over.  John must have realised he was about to […]