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Backstory – Part 2

Published on June 24, 2010 By Sandra

Sunlight dappled across the deck and their friends conversation was the perfect backdrop for John to cup his wife’s neck and sneak a kiss; she was warm and smelled wonderful.  With some amount of regret John then pushed his chair back, stood up and said good-bye.  The barbeque had been a last minute get-together and […]

Backstory – Part 1

Published on June 23, 2010 By Sandra

“Don’t watch the news after a major police call,” a senior officer once told me when I was new to the job, “because they always get it wrong.” Years later, I’m not sure media outlets intentionally getting it wrong.  Yes, sometimes media coverage of a significant police-involved event is either inaccurate, unfair or biased (depending […]

For the Love of Dogs

Published on August 11, 2009 By Sandra

This has nothing to do with policing.  You have been warned… # Today on Global TV’s Noon News Hour, anchor Randene Neill and SPCA spokeswoman Eileen Drever featured two dogs during the ‘Adopt a Pet’ segment. The two dogs, Ginger and an unnamed but very energetic and sweet 11 month old pup, are looking to be adopted. Even though Randene and […]

This Week in Policing – Jan. 23, 2009

Published on January 23, 2009 By Sandra

Where on earth do I start? Well, the bridge has been the biggest local news, and hot the heels of the bridge is Vancouver’s week in policing: Pattullo Bridge fire – one of the wooden trestles under the south section of one of the Lower Mainland’s busiest bridges caught fire early in the morning on […]