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Backstory – Part 2

Published on June 24, 2010 By Sandra

Sunlight dappled across the deck and their friends conversation was the perfect backdrop for John to cup his wife’s neck and sneak a kiss; she was warm and smelled wonderful.  With some amount of regret John then pushed his chair back, stood up and said good-bye.  The barbeque had been a last minute get-together and […]

Backstory – Part 1

Published on June 23, 2010 By Sandra

“Don’t watch the news after a major police call,” a senior officer once told me when I was new to the job, “because they always get it wrong.” Years later, I’m not sure media outlets intentionally getting it wrong.  Yes, sometimes media coverage of a significant police-involved event is either inaccurate, unfair or biased (depending […]

Easing the Journey

Published on January 8, 2010 By Sandra

“CD to all units. We’ve got a call of a stabbing at 1234 Somewhere St. Neighbors have found a man stabbed inside the house. A suspect is in the front yard still armed with a knife.” My partner hit the lights and rocketed our police car towards the call, as did units from all over the district. I didn’t bother telling […]

This Week in Policing – Feb.13, 2009

Published on February 13, 2009 By Sandra

 The biggest issue this last week has been the continued gun violence in and around Vancouver: Fri., Feb 6th – a 26 year old gang associate was gunned down and killed in the parking lot of a busy Langley mall in front of a multitude of innocent bystanders. Sun., Feb 8th – a 28 year […]

This Week in Policing – Dec. 19th, 2008

Published on December 19, 2008 By Sandra

Last Friday, Dec 12th, was a sad day.   First. locally, there was the Christmas party shooting in Vancouver.  The owner of the business where the incident took place, forty year old Benjamin Banky, was killed by an ex-employee during the staff Christmas Party.  The suspect was arrested after a tense standoff with police, and no one else was physically […]