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And the winners are….

Published on June 21, 2010 By Sandra

The winner for Prize #1 (small black Kong) is: Random Number Generator 1 to 18 Generate Results: 5 Congrats to Bryan Leach! The winner for Prize #2 (large Kong Wubba) is: Random Number Generator 1 to 18 Generate Results: 15 Congrats to Ryan Kniepkamp! Thank you to everyone for participating, and to Bryan and Ryan, […]

Free Give Away #2

Published on June 13, 2010 By Sandra

After the shocking and somewhat depressing (but very effective) commercial from the last post, I thought I’d lighten things up with another give away – this time, it’s dog toys! PRIZE #1 I’m a huge fan of the Kong line of dog toys, and as such there are several kicking around our house.  Earlier today […]

We Have a Winner!

Published on April 15, 2010 By Sandra

True Random Number Generator   Min:  1 Max:  36  Result:  31 Powered by RANDOM.ORG   Congrats DC!  Send me an email to claim your copy of NO ANGEL.   NOTE – there were 37 comments left on the ‘Give-Away’ post, but one was anonymous and so did not count towards the final tally.

Facebook Followers – PLEASE READ – Free Give Away Update

Published on April 7, 2010 By Sandra

To all you who follow BEHIND THE BLUE LINE blog through the VPD Facebook page, please know that only comments left on the actual blog (not Facebook) will be counted towards a chance at the free-give-away prize. To view the blog, go to www.behindtheblueline.ca and leave a comment on the Free Give Away post – […]

Free Give Away!

Published on April 7, 2010 By Sandra

I’ve been toying for months about having a free give away here on Behind the Blue Line but I’ve struggled with what exactly I would give away. Police paraphernalia because this is a police blog?  Books because I’m avid reader?  Dog toys/treats because I’m a dog handler? Then it was decided for me.  Someone sent me […]