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Mistaken Identity

Published on August 30, 2012 By Sandra

While working early this morning, I was stopped at the side of the road in an area well known for its drug dealers and those struggling with addiction. The passenger side window of my unmarked/blacked out police SUV was partially down, and I was surveying the goings-on in the block when a woman called out. […]


Published on January 10, 2011 By Sandra

Heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy) – in the right amounts, all of them are lethal. No surprise there. Many of the addicts I’ve spoken to started their road to full blown addiction by smoking the occasional joint, thinking casual marijuana use would not hurt them.  How wrong they were. Of course, the majority of the […]

Brought Back

Published on November 6, 2009 By Sandra

The alley was lit by the faint glow of street lights.  Overhead power lines crisscrossed the piece of sky visible between the buildings and turned the night into a patchwork quilt. Garbage bins lined the angles at the bottom corners of buildings, spilling refuse in scattered piles.   “Breathe, damn it,” my partner said, and thumped the […]

There They Stand

Published on August 17, 2009 By Sandra

The wind cuts against your bare legs as you struggle to stay balanced in the hell called stilettos.  A wisp of clothing covers your breasts, the fabric torn and stitched together with trembling fingers.  The full moon rides the sky, seeking sanctuary behind racing storm clouds as you bend towards an open window.  You did not ask for this life, […]


Published on June 11, 2009 By Sandra

There are those we deal with who are completely lost.  The people so badly damaged there is nothing left to do but usher them to safety for the night. Two nights ago I was flagged down by security at the bus station.  A homeless man had been escorted out after causing a ruckus inside.  Security said the […]