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Backstory – Part 2

Published on June 24, 2010 By Sandra

Sunlight dappled across the deck and their friends conversation was the perfect backdrop for John to cup his wife’s neck and sneak a kiss; she was warm and smelled wonderful.  With some amount of regret John then pushed his chair back, stood up and said good-bye.  The barbeque had been a last minute get-together and […]

Critical Incident Stress – Signs & Symptoms

Published on January 20, 2009 By Sandra

Following are some signs and symptoms a person may experience if involved in a critical incident.  When we, as the VPD CISM Team, meet with officers, we try to impress upon them that they may experience all or none of the signs, and at any intensity.  We also try to impress upon them that whatever they are […]

Critical Incident Stress – Do’s & Don’ts

Published on January 19, 2009 By Sandra

Last week I introduced you to the Critical Incident Stress Management Team of the VPD.  Today, I’m going to cover some things to consider if you have been involved in a critical incident.  The list of ‘do’s and don’ts’, compiled with the assistance of the ICISF, are suggestions only – all with the intention of educating […]

Critical Incident Stress Management Team

Published on January 15, 2009 By Sandra

I try to touch on a specialty squad each Thursday, and while the following section is a team within the VPD, it is more a peer support group than an operational squad.  Also, this is in direct response to comments regarding my last post, ‘Reptilian Brain Stem’, where I recount an assault on my partner.  […]