I’ve started running the trails again, the ones that I used to run with PD Hondo.

People and dogs populate the trails in the warmer months, and, unless I’m working, I dislike crowds. Now that the weather is starting to cool off and the leaves are falling, I have the trails pretty much to myself.

To some, it may seem like a bad idea (from a safety point of view) that I’m running alone, but I take the necessary precautions of not wearing earphones, being alert and trail running only when it’s light out. I could take a human buddy, but my point in running is to do it solo.

No white noise, no talking, no music.

In that sense, PD Hondo was the perfect running partner. Not only was he a four-legged body guard, he’d keep pace and the two of us would weave through whatever trail took our fancy. The only noise was the sound of my shoes (his paws were mostly silent), my steady breaths and his slightly quicker panting.

Now, though, the only sounds are the steady beat of my runners and the occasional call from the two resident bald eagles that nest along one stretch.

It’s different than it was a year ago, but that’s okay. Life is pretty good these days, and I have a lot to reflect on.

I’ve got my health, my family & friends, and a pretty cool job.

Besides another canine partner, what more could a woman ask for?



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