The Other Side

Today was my first day off, and I spent the afternoon on South Granville.

Not only did I score rock-star parking (at $2.00 an hour), I got to watch my police brothers and sisters in action while they dealt with an arrest.

It was weird, watching them when they had no idea I was there. I was like many of the other passer-bys…but I knew what was going on, and it was really cool to see it from the ‘other side’.

The situation was well in hand, so there was no need for me to offer assistance or interupt the proceedings. Everything was under control by the time I happened upon the scene, and the officers were like a well oiled machine – professional, well spoken, compassionate.

It was pretty cool, and made me really proud to a part of what those officers stand for.

Well done, guys & gals.


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