A Fresh Start

During my last few years in the Dog Squad, I had thought my career would progress on the expected path of developing the skills required for promotion to Sergeant.

What I did not expect was the drastic turn my personal life would take when we lost my husband’s sister to cancer last year. Her death rippled through my husband’s large family and it affected everyone. This wonderful woman left behind a dearly loved husband and four chersished daughters.

Promotion to Sergeant was suddenly low on the priority list. Writing became near impossible. Exhaustion was ever present.

We grieved as a family and we grieved by ourselves. Our children had never been exposed to the loss of a loved one. My husband, who has always been my constant supporter, needed me to be the oak tree – strong and unbendable, able to support our family through an extremely difficult time.

I was like an oak tree.

Because I, in turn, had my own grove of oak trees – my fellow dog handlers, fellow officers and friends.


Hondo’s cancer diagnosis was a direct kick in the gut.

On the heels of everything else, my first thought was, “Really? You have got to be kidding. No.”

I miss him.


My temporary assignment to an investigative squad was arranged well in advance of my departure from the Dog Squad.

I’ve been working in this investigative spot since the beginning of January but have been given the green light to pursue another avenue within the police department.

It’s an avenue that I’m very passionate about, and one that is very important, especially in today’s world.

In a sense, this green light signals a fresh start.

I begin on Monday.

I’ll fill you in then.






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