Double Take

In 2005, another officer and I were each paired with young, prospective police dogs Hondo and Knight, litter mates from overseas.

The other officer and I spent the next several weeks testing and getting to know the new dogs to see if they would make the cut. They both did, and we all entered training together.

Once training was complete, PSD Knight and his handler were assigned to one shift rotation while PSD Hondo and I were assigned to another. This meant that even though we saw one another on a regular basis and attended various events and training courses together, we never worked together.

Today, seven years after we entered training, PSD Knight and his handler worked their first shift with and PSD Hondo and I.

Litter mates, indeed.

Are you able figure out which of these dogs is Hondo and the other, Knight? (double click to make the photo bigger)


Knight’s handler and I can tell them apart in every aspect other than their barks, which sound identical.

I almost got into the wrong work truck today after thinking the barking dog was Hondo.

That would have been interesting…


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