Last Saturday’s ride along was a hoot.

The young woman (I know her well, so let’s call her ‘Jane’) was a bit nervous beforehand, and when she arrived at the kennels for the start of the shift, she admitted she felt as if she had been getting ready for a date.

“What do I wear? Is this too bright? Should I wear all black? Can I run in this? What do I do with my hair?”


Fifteen minutes later, after a tour of the Dog Squad facility and a run down on patrol operations, we were in my Tahoe and driving to our first call of the night.

Jane was relaxed and taking in all the information I had thrown at her. Coming from a non-police background and with no experience on the law enforcement side of life, Jane was a 100% newbie.

Then again, attitude is everything.

Jane was leaned back in her seat while she looked out at the passing masses. There were regular people and those who automatically draw police attention with their illegal activities, and Jane’s voice was coated in the comedic drawl I have come to love:

“You know what, Sandra? I”m feeling pretty bad-ass right about now.”



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