No “Off” Button

If you or someone you know is in law enforcement, you are aware the majority of police officers do not come equipped with an off button.  If they see something wrong or someone in need of assistance, officers will stop and help even if they are off-duty.

Yesterday, in the few hours between opening presents and turkey dinner, hubby and I drove our dogs out to one of our favourite places to take them for a run.  To get there, you travel through an industrial area, and at mid-day on Christmas the area was a literal ghost town with everything locked up, gated and void of any human life.

On the way home, hubby noticed the man door to one of the warehouses was open.  There were no vehicles in the parking lot and no one around.  We stopped and approached the warehouse on foot (how weird to be sleuthing with hubby) and saw a ground floor window was also open.  My first thought was someone had broken in through the window, stolen all the loot they could carry, and exited via the door.

By all appearances, they were long gone.

I debated bringing Hondo with me but decided against it considering we were in a jurisdiction other than Vancouver…besides, if anyone was still in the warehouse, hubby and I were prepared to contain the place, call 911 and wait for the on-duty police to arrive, with enough time to get Hondo out of the truck in the event the suspects tried to get away before reinforcements showed up.We got closer and determined the window must be regularly left ajar, as there were undisturbed items on the window sill and an even layer of grime along the edge to show it had not been forced open.Same story for the door – it is probable never locked (tell-tale grime covered deadbolt), had no damage to the frame and had likely blown open during yesterday’s wind storm.

With hubby keeping a lookout for fleeing suspects and to avoid us being wrongly accused of doing the breaking-and-entering , I peeked through the doorway and saw the very short hallway led only to one room – the one with the open window, which happened to be a bathroom.

Ahah! The permanently open window and shoddy locking mechanisms made sense – ease of use for employees to access a bathroom from the outside work yard.

Case closed!

I share this little tidbit to illustrate how police officers are (usually) unable to ‘switch it off’.  I was on a day off and it was Christmas to boot.  Working was the last thing on my mind and was the last thing I wanted to be doing at that particular moment.

But when a situation arises, the majority police officers will answer the call regardless of official duty status.

Our ‘break-and-enter’ turned out to be nothing, but it could have been something and we were not going to keep driving by and let someone else’s property be victim to thieves.

And yes, there was a small voice in the back of my mind reminding me that for Hondo to catch a bad guy on Christmas day would be pretty sweet.  🙂






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