Bungling Crook

The other day, a business called 911 to report an overnight break and enter.  Even though this business has excellent video surveillance, their alarm system has been acting up as of late, so when the alarm triggered in the wee hours of the morning, they disregarded what they assumed was another false alarm.

It really was too bad, as the video footage, viewed after they arrived at work and discovered the break-in, showed the crooks had spent more than a few minutes inside making off with all of their loot.  It was more than enough time for police officers to get close enough to have a fighting chance at catching them in the act.

But, as fate would have it, their alarm system had cried, “Wolf!” too many times, and 911 was not called.

Later that day, after the business did call in to make the break and enter report, I stopped by to take a look at the video surveillance to see if I would recognize the suspects.  Not only did the video show an incredibly clear image of the suspects faces, it brought many other bits of evidence to light that would have been lost had the business not had video.

On speaking to the owners of the business, they said the surveillance system cost approximately $10,000, which is usually too expensive for many small businesses.  The one owner said it gave her peace of mind, knowing they could provide police with excellent evidence in the event of a criminal occurrence, and that she could plug into the system from her home.

Because the case is still in the investigative stages, I am unable to show you the video feed.  I will tell you, however, that one of the crooks was so rushed and greedy in his attempt at thievery, that he destroyed much of what he took when he fell upon fleeing.

Which brought to mind a video a fellow police blogger, Slam Dunks, posted on his blog the other day.  While the crook in the Vancouver crime wiped out because he bungled his footing, the crook in the following video wiped out because he neglected to wear a belt.


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