9/11 – Ten Years Later

We all have a story from that fateful morning.

Of where we were. Of what we were doing. Of the memories.

Some from the East coast of Canada took in those stranded by re-routed planes – God bless you. Others tried contacting friends and loved ones in the stricken areas. Still others were there, at Ground Zero.

For most of us, though, our memories revolve around watching the day unfold on television.


I was attending the Vancouver Police Department’s Homicide Conference in downtown Vancouver, and the morning of September 11th found me shoulder to shoulder with dozens of police officers from all over North America as we watched the big screens in the hotel lobby.

The first tower fell, and we pressed closer together in an unconscious effort to drawn comfort from one another. When the second tower fell, we spread apart, milling about, not sure what to do with our overwhelming emotions.


Ten years later, I still think about those who were lost – who they were, what they believed in, and what they stood for. First responders – fire fighters, police officers and paramedics – were doing what they did best, and they died trying to make a difference.

Citizens went out of their way to help others in dire need, and strangers reached out to one another.

A plane full of people took charge of their own fate, and likely saved hundreds of innocent lives in the process.

May we never forget.


Where were you?


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