Burned out head light

I was waiting at a traffic light while on the way to get the burned out headlight on my police vehicle replaced when a driver going in the other direction obviously did not see me – the light turned green, he chirped his tires and sped off from the line.

I did a u-turn but did not manage to catch up to him for several blocks, and it wasn’t until he was finally stopped by another red light that I was able to get close.  He looked in his side view mirror and I thought he knew I was there, but a repeat performance of the tire chirp and quick acceleration proved me wrong.  The driver cut a hard left, crossed three lanes of traffic and hammered it.

I stayed right behind him, and he tapped his brakes, hard, when I flicked on the red and blues.

Our conversation was brief and the driver gave an embarrassed shrug.  He said he had thought I was the police until he saw the burned out head light (cops never have burned out lights, he exclaimed), and then he figured I was just a “really aggressive guy driver” and he tried to stay ahead of me.  He never figured I was a “woman copper”.


The guy took his ticket without a grumble, and was amicable about the entire traffic stop.

And I had second thoughts about getting my headlight fixed….


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