2011 WPFG New York

Hubby and I had planned on competing in the 2011 World Police & Fire Games which start today in New York, but after budgeting and realizing the money would be better spent on a family vacation, we nixed the idea.  It was really too bad, as what more meaningful time to visit New York than in the weeks leading up to the 10 year anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks.

Competing in the WPFG is often a once in a career experience and dozens of our fellow British Columbia police officers and fire fighters have headed east, only to be faced with Hurricane Irene.  Several sporting events have been cancelled, others have been rescheduled and much of the week is on a ‘wait and see’ plan.

So to all the police officers and fire fighters who are in New York, try to stay dry/safe and enjoy yourselves (if the hurricane permits it).  Hopefully the hurricane does not cause any deaths and causes little damage, and that you will not be called upon in a professional capacity to assist.

In any event, New York is lucky to have so many of you there.


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