Motorists save the life of another

I have another post ready to go on the perils of social media, but this story trumps all and is a must read for all of you not from British Columbia as this is a story not typically covered in the international media.

Not only did motorists Courtney Smith and Harvey Sahsi save the life of a woman who suffered a major heart attack while behind the wheel of her car, they likely saved additional lives with their quick thinking and excellent driving skills when they boxed the woman’s vehicle in and brought it to a stop on Highway #1 during last Friday’s rush hour.  The woman was slumped over the passenger seat, unconscious, as her vehicle slewed across mutliple traffic lanes.  Sahsi and Smith saw the danger and acted in a manner that we should all be proud of.

A work truck of some sort apparently joined in and followed in behind with flashing hazard lights to alert other drivers that something was amiss, as Sahsi used his Jeep to kept the woman’s vehicle from leaving her lane and as Smith used his car to slow the woman’s vehicle down by getting in front of her and using his brakes and bumper-to-bumper contact to slow her to a stop.

It is very difficult to box in a moving vehicle, so I want to give a shout out to Sahsi, Smith and the truck driver, as well as anyone else involved in the rescue, as what they did far exceeds what anyone expected of them.

Kudos to all involved.


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