Boots on the Ground

The events of last night sadden me.  The intense dynamics at street level, the Canuck’s effort being overshadowed by the hooliganism, the very poor image the world temporarily has of our beautiful city – the entire night was inexcusable.

The uniformed men and women in the front lines were doing the best they could in a very bad situation.  They showed great resiliency, determination and, in some cases, leadership where it was not expected.

Regardless of department or agency, officers worked together.  At one point, I found myself alongside an unknown RCMP officer from the Fraser Valley and it was like we had worked together for years.  The officer’s face was a blur behind a gas mask and a helmet, but it did not matter.  We were on the same team with the same goal.

The biggest impact, though, was today.  Vancouverites came together to denounce the acts of the riotous masses.  Thousands banded together to form clean-up crew and were busy early this morning picking up garbage and repairing the streets.  They, like us, were on the same team with the same goal of supporting our city.

To our citizens, to those who tried last night to help us, and to those who have shown the boots on the ground your support, thank you – it means more than you know.

Also a special thanks to Kim Pemberton, a reporter with the Vancouver Sun, who thanked the police dogs of the VPD.


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