Here’s the Deal

I’ve been asked repeatedly why I’ve not been posting as often as I have the last couple of years.  The question pains me as I’d very much like to continue on the two to five posts a week, but the rate has become unreasonable.

Our kids are getting older and their sports are more involved.  Gone are the day of simply cheering them on for the sake of building their confidence and athletic ability – they have ‘brought it’ to their respective sports and we are now ferrying them around the GVRD and outlying areas for games and tournaments.  It’s an absolute hoot but it has become a balancing act – for them and for us.

Coupled with shift work and the demands of working a police dog, the time for blogging has been severely curtailed.

Our family comes first and there is a life outside of sports, so I’ve drastically reduced the frequency of posting in an effort to maintain a healthy family life and a good working environment.  I still want to post here on the blog, but my life must be balanced if I am to continue living it well.

In pursuit of that balance, I will only be posting a couple of times a month for the next while.  If you have followed this blog, you will realize I am being true to myself, my family and my department by taking the time to focus on the important things in life.

On that note, here’s wishing you all an enjoyable first couple of weeks of June!

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