The Female Warrior

A direct result of our kids advancing to high level sports and the accompanying hectic schedule attached to that of two already-busy shift workers is my lack of posting over the past month.  I’ve been here in spirit (I always will be), but it’s been increasingly difficult to manage time, and I will always choose family over the other stuff.

But I still miss you guys, and I think about topics to blog about all the time.  If only there were 25 hours in each day instead of 24!

That said, I want to bring your attention to an article printed over a  It’s written by Roy Bedard, a consultant qualified in US Federal and State courts in police use of force, defensive tactics, combat stress and police procedures.  The article is about the female warrior and is part two of a three part series.

This article really struck home, as I’ve seen the direct result of a female officer’s mind vs. a male officer’s mind at work.  One is not better than the other, and both are complementary to each other.  To say policing remains a man’s world is to still believe in the Tooth Fairy and the Lock Ness Monster.

If you’re a female officer, and especially if you are not, Bedard’s article is an excellent take on how women officers process threats/situations differently than their counterparts do.


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