Finding Jack – Another Give Away!

Working with a service animal is an experience like no other, regardless of the type of animal and the service it provides.

My partner is a police dog and while some may say he is ‘just a dog’, I will vehemently disagree at all turns of your argument. He is brave and loyal. He is my partner and friend.  He alerts to danger and his presence is a pre-emptive strike against violence.  His job is to protect me, my comrades and all those we in turn have sworn to protect.

He is all this and yet remains gentle with my family and loved ones. He is affectionate, almost to a fault.

To have worked with a dog is to have worked with the best.


With some understanding of the bond between a handler and a working dog (or any dog, for that matter), you can imagine how difficult it would have been for American military K9 teams serving in the Vietnam War to be told, at the end of the war, that their working dogs would not be brought home.  These true facts bring us to the current give away – a hardcover copy of:

Finding Jack

a novel by Gareth Crocker.

Following a tragic accident, Fletcher Carson joins the flagging war effort in Vietnam.  Lost and lonely, he plans to die in the war.  But after stumbling upon a critically injured yellow Lab, Fletcher unexpectedly finds a reason to live.  He finds Jack.

Fletcher and Jack are a team, and like the hundreds of other U.S. military dogs and their handlers in Vietnam, they serve their country, saving countless lives.  To the men, the dogs are heroes.  But at the end of the war, the U.S. government announces that all dogs serving in the war have been declared “surplus military equipment” and will not be transported home.  Ordered to leave Jack behind, Fletcher refuses – and so begins the journey of two friends who will go to the ends of the earth to save each other.

Based on the actual existence and abandonment of canine units in Vietnam, Finding Jack is more than just a story of man saves dog.  It is a story of friendship and love, and a moving tribute to the forgotten heroes of a desperate war.  And proof that sometimes it is a dog that truly saves man.

As a police dog handler, I cannot imagine having to abandon my parter to certain death.  This novel strikes a chord and is so much more than a story about a boy and his dog.

It touches on the humanity within us all.  Finding Jack clearly shows the loyalty of our working dogs when we do for them what they would unflinchingly do for us.


Here are the rules:

  • This give-away is open to everyone, regardless of which country you live in
  • Leave a comment on this post between today, Friday, March 18th, 2011, and 2359 hours (PST) on Thursday, March 24th, 2011
  • I’ll announce the winner on Friday, March 25th, 2011
  • Anonymous comments will be not be included as there is no way to properly identify the participant if an anonymous comment is selected as the winner.  To get around this you can create a Gmail account with an alias (it’s easy and it’s free) so no one will ever know who you really are – even I won’t know.
  • VPD Facebook and Twitter followers – only comments left on this actual blog (not on the VPD Facebook or Twitter page) will be counted towards a chance at the prize. To view the blog, go to

Good Luck!

For more information on the dogs serving in various wars, please visit:

Military Dogs (Canada) and War Dogs (U.S.)

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