Two Left Feet

Some crooks take all the fun out of real life cops & robbers.

Take the fellow from the other night.  He and his two friends were in the process of robbing a man and when I arrived at the scene, they ran (as expected).  I gave chase but the three suspects darted out of sight into a lane with the primary suspect bringing up the rear.  When I reached the lane a moment later, two of the three suspects were gone.

The last suspect lay in the middle of the lane, writhing in pain.  My first thought was that he had been stabbed or shot, so I took the necessary precautions. But it soon became apparent the suspect had not been graced with fleet footedness and when asked if he was okay, the suspect exclaimed, “My f****** knee!”


The suspect was curled up on his back, holding his knee and unable to get to his feet.  It seems he had tripped over his own feet in his effort to flee, and in addition to blowing his knee out, the suspect gave himself an impressive case of facial road rash when he didn’t get his hands up quick enough to break the fall.

A closer look around the lane revealed level pavement, dry conditions and no obstacles.

Except for the suspect’s two left feet, that is.


IN THE LINE OF DUTY – FOR THE OFFICER will be posted in the next few days in a follow-up to the previous two posts covering the same issue.


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