Bait Car…Almost

The other night I covered patrol units at a fight and I ended up several meters away from my truck.  The entire incident turned into a non-event, with the exception of what happened when I walked back to my truck.

There were five guys (all known to police and none of them very nice) standing near my still-running vehicle and one of them made the comment that my police vehicle was an almost irresistible Bait Car – it was running, the keys were in the ignition and no police officer was in sight.  He ‘jokingly’ chastised me for leaving such a tempting target and laughed at me, calling me a stupid cop for leaving my car running.  He wasn’t good natured about it either, and it was clear he had seriously considered hopping into my wheels and leaving with them.

That’s when I asked him if he had ever seen Chevrolet’s Trunk Monkey Commercials. Apparently, he had, so I directed his attention to the dark area between the front seats of my truck.  The guy squinted to make out what looked like a shadow from far away.

His complexion blanched and his mean-spirited laugh dried up when he realized he was staring at 85 pounds of black police dog staring right back at him.

Call me human, but I took some amount of joy at the abrupt end to his cockiness.

* I do not recommend leaving your police vehicle running and unoccupied, but sometimes, due to circumstance, it happens.

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