Long Term Happiness

Earlier tonight I listened to a young officer speak about the attitude he wants to have at the end of his 25+ year career.  He wants his future self to be happy, satisfied with his choice of serving the public and he is conducting himself properly in the present so he does not end up as a cantankerous old fart.

I commend him, mostly for the reason that this world does not need any more cantankerous old farts rattling around in the belfry, but also because his attitude gives me hope for the future of this department.

We need our potential leaders to have innumerable traits, not the least of which are intelligence, drive, social awareness and a sense for when it’s appropriate to step into the fire.

Most of all, though, and this is what I find so refreshing about the young officer’s comment on wanting to be happy, is I get the distinct impression he never wants to forget where he came from.

That once upon a time, he was a young officer walking his beat, responding to 911 calls and putting the well-being of others before his own.

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