We Have a Winner!

There were 24 commenters on the Give-Away post, and the random number generator selected this number: 9.

So that means our winner is Helen Abear!  Congratulations!

Helen, send me an email at sandra@behindtheblueline with your contact information so I know where to send the book.

As for the Darwin Awards, I nearly inducted myself into their ‘at risk survivor’ category the other night.  I was sprinting across Andy Livingston Park near downtown Vancouver while trying to move into position to make an arrest.  I had my ever-faithful partner with me and the two of us were cutting through the garden.

For those of you not familiar with the area, the park covers approximately one square block and is mostly grass and trees with a large water feature in the center.  The middle of the park is on a knoll and the sides slope down to concrete paths, a basketball court and a children’s playground. There is a massive concrete pond at the bottom of the water feature, and I have raced across the giant stone steps of said water feature on numerous occasions.

In short, I know this park.

But I did not take into account that, in the middle of the night, still water on the other side of a short cement curb looks exactly like concrete.  So instead of leaping over a cement curb and onto land in my quest to effect an arrest, I leapt over a cement curb and directly into a two foot deep pond.  Hondo sensed the water before I did and hit the brakes but my momentum pulled him into the water with me.

Our combined splash was punctuated with an expletive from me and a human look of disapproval from my dog.  When we hopped out onto the path my dog was most disgusted and refused to look at me as he shook himself dry.

Not to be deterred, we continued on.  Well, to be truthful, I sloshed on in my water-filled boots and my dog refused to be amused for the rest of the shift.

And they say animals don’t have emotions.

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