Break & Enter

Last night I came upon a man struggling with a wheelbarrow, inside which was a hockey bag stuffed to the seams with power tools and frozen food.  The wheelbarrow was a necessity as the hockey bag weighed in at about 80 pounds, and the man spun a creative yarn about how he had liberated the tools and food out of a nearby garbage bin.

Having not fallen from the proverbial turnip truck any time in recent months, I did not believe him.  The food was still completely frozen and the tools were professional grade.  When questioned about where the garbage bin was, the man could not remember and then he changed his story saying his friend had loaned him everything.  When questioned as to where his friend lived so we could verify his story, the man became indignant and refused to tell us.  And so began an area search to locate where the items had come from but as it was 1 a.m. this proved futile.  The only things we accomplished were waking a contractor sleeping at one job site and having a homeowner rush out of his house in his underwear when he saw us poking around his insecure garage (he thought we were trying to steal his tools, but he was lucky on this front as nothing was missing)

The man relinquished the items into police custody and was driven to his home in another part of town.  As of this writing, the owner (or owners) of the tools has not been located.

So if you live around the area of W. 22nd Ave and Quesnel Drive and hear of a contractor or neighbour missing tools, a hockey bag, a wheelbarrow or have had their freezer pillaged, get them to drop me a line at

That’s it for tonight.  Be safe everyone.


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