It’s well known that some people simply do not like the police. Most officers are keenly aware of this, particularly when faced with a litany of profanities, obscenities and down-right disrespectful gestures.

As police officers, we get it.

But it doesn’t mean we have to like it, or take it, or turn the other cheek every single time.


Last week, I was driving on a busy street when a man stepped off the curb, yelled, “F*** you, pig!” and spit on my police SUV.  It took me by surprise and I had travelled by him before I was able to react and he beat feet in the other direction.  Needless to say, I demonstrated the tight turning radius on my set of wheels but by the time I turned around, the guy was gone.

Some would say I was a fool for taking the bait, but I say not.   Try getting spit on and see how you like it.  Besides, it wasn’t me he was spitting at, it was the uniform, and I’ve always stood up for what I believe in.


If you are going to call me names, or spit on my truck, or show a complete lack of respect for the uniform, at least have the guts to do it to my face and not in the hit-and-run style of a cowardly attack.

What would I have said to the guy if I had caught up to him?  Exactly that.

Too bad he didn’t stick around for the conversation.

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