The Kindness of Strangers

This next post has nothing to do with policing so if you are looking for another war story you might as well carry on to the next blog.  This is more personal than I usually let on but there is much to be learned from the man I mention near the end.

What this next post illustrates is the compassion strangers are capable of and of the acts of kindness people are willing to bestow on one another for the single of reason of it being the right thing to do.


My sister-in-law has a very aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis.  She is young, is mother to an entire family of wonderful children and is wife to a devoted husband.  She also happens to be one of the most amazing women I know.

She is not in a good way but don’t try and say that to her that because she’ll tell you to ‘get stuffed’ and then tell you about the good day she’s having.  Her strength, determination and resolve are testaments to the human spirit.

As her family, we are proud of her and love her beyond measure.


Earlier this week my sister-in-law travelled to another country for a surgical procedure to clear the veins/arteries in her neck suspected of making her MS worse.  I’m not completely educated on the entire medical end of things but what I do know is this:

  • before she became ill, my sister-in-law was an athlete.  She went to the gym, was very active, was the picture of health.
  • my sister-in-law has been wheelchair bound for over a year
  • on a bad day, my sister-in-law is unable to feed herself or raise a cup to her lips
  • on a bad day, my sister-in-law is still able to see the positive


Her surgery was today.  She walked to bathroom only a few hours post-surgery so I would say it was a success.


According to those with her, my sister-in-law’s release from hospital was emotional and, in the excitement, no one brought a wallet to pay for a $200.00 prescription.  Her husband was in the process of racing out to get his wallet when a stranger stepped forward and paid the bill.  No questions asked.  When my sister-in-law’s husband tried to repay the stranger, the man refused to take the money and told him to consider it a gift.

How classy is that?

So whoever you are, stranger, thank you.  Your gift could not have gone to a better woman.


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