Actions Under Stress

People do weird things when under stress.  They act in ways they never would when in a relaxed state of mind, but place a bit of pressure on them and their entire focus narrows to the flight-or-fight reaction of a major adrenaline surge.

Like last night.

Combatants were rocking it old style in the middle of the road when I rolled up on the bar fight. One guy was losing and the consensual fight was turning into an assault.  Even though my cover officers were still a few blocks out I had no choice but to move in and I’m told that’s why we as police are paid the ‘big bucks’.

The flashing lights and the siren on my police vehicle had the desired effect and the fight broke up with the assaulter retiring to his corner and the assaultee jumping to his feet and sprinting towards me.  I was still in the process of putting my truck in park by the time the victim reached my front bumper.  He was frantic – his arms were flailing all over the place and he was doing a ‘help me’ dance beside my truck.

Keep in mind this took place over the space of a few seconds.  I had assessed the threat, placed my truck in park, opened the slider between the front seats to allow my police dog access to the front of my truck, radioed in to dispatch and had my left hand on the door handle when the victim decided I was not moving fast enough.

He ran to my door, wrenched it open and attempted to climb in with me.  For protection?  Most likely.  Was it effective?  Most likely not.  What the victim got was an angry police officer yelling at him to let go of the door and an angry police dog in protection mode trying to defend its handler.

I had my hands full for a few moments.

In the end all was as it should have been.  The aggressor went to jail.  The victim was treated for injuries sustained during the assault and he apologized for trying to get into my police vehicle, saying he didn’t know what had come over him to do such a thing.

Lesson learned, don’t you think?


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