2011 Vancouver Police Dog Calendar


PSD Chase and his handler at the shooting range

Today, the VPD released the 2011 Vancouver Police Dog Calendar which was funded and produced by the Candy Anfield Memorial Foundation.  Candy, a police officer with the VPD, lost her battle with breast cancer in 2004, and this calendar is continuing Candy’s fight against this devastating disease.

For information on where to purchase the calendar please visit the Vancouver Police Dog Squad home page for a list of Vancouver area locations or you can purchase the calendar online.  Calendars are $15.00 and all the proceeds are going to the BC Cancer Foundation and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Many thanks to Studio Five-0 and Derek Cain Photography for their skills and contributions.

Recruit PSD Justice - isn't he a beauty?

But here’s the cool thing from ‘behind the scenes’ – one of the contributing photographers was Emily Anfield, Candy’s daughter.  Talk about continuing the fight in her mother’s place.

Well done, Emily!

Here are a few more samples from the photographers out with the Dog Squad in preparation for the calendar:

PSD Knight and his handler at the shooting range

PSD Hondo learning to board a vessel at speed

PSD Capone and his handler on an agility exercise

PSD Lupo

PSD Kai and his handler at the range

PSD Diesel on a marine exercise

So here’s the thing…I have a soft spot for this calendar because of the way Candy Anfield greeted me to the job when I was a rookie.  You see, her locker was near mine and it was during my training that I first met her.

I was the nervous recruit and Candy was the confident police woman breezing through the locker room.  Her laugh preceded her and when I popped my head around the corner to see the presence behind such a wonderful sound Candy saw me and  said hello.  We had a brief conversation centered around our minority status in the department, and she told me not to worry about being a woman in a man’s job.  Candy provided a few pointers to help me navigate the world of policing and for that I am forever grateful.

In 2004, I attended Candy’s memorial service.  She was remembered as a bright and positive woman with a thousand watt smile.  The church was filled with hundreds of police officers, family members and citizens who gathered to pay tribute to a woman who really had made a difference.

But for the author of this blog, Candy was remembered as the officer who went out of her way to make a new recruit feel welcomed.

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