Happy Halloween!

In a few hours the street in front of our house is going to be busy with little ghosts, chicken costumes and fairy princesses and if last year was any indication, there will be a smattering of ghouls, goblins and zombies.  Perhaps even some lions, tigers and bears (Oh my!).

Halloween is always busy for police with constant calls for shots fired, thefts and mischiefs. The shots fired are usually fireworks, but not always.  Thefts at this time of year involve Halloween decorations.  The mischief calls?  Well, they often involve an upset citizen calling in to report the intricately carved pumpkin has been swiped from their front step and smashed to pulp on the street.  Criminals have the once-yearly benefit of being lost in a crowd of costume and disguise, so a note to the good people out there – continue to pay attention to your surroundings and if something seems ‘off’ it probably is.  If in doubt, take a second look and call 911 if appropriate.

All serious talk aside, tonight is a great time  for kids and adults alike, so enjoy your evening!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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