Social Media and the Youngest Generation

Social media is a frequent topic of discussion within my circle of friends, family and co-workers.  A few people have set their heels firmly into their I don’t do those social media things defiance and refuse to entertain the thought that the days of texting, tweeting, blogging and Facebook are already upon us.

The rest of the group falls into three categories: those who do it all, those who do one or possibly two of the above mentioned platforms, and those who accept social media but partake only as observers.  I fall into the middle category with this blog, which I enjoy writing and I hope serves as some type of education and information for readers.  As for the rest of it? I created a Facebook account when to do so was ‘hip’ and I regretted it shortly after because FB is not my style.  My inactive account exists only because I have not figured out how to delete it, and because I don’t care to visit the blank wasteland somehow tethered to my identity (this blog post is linked through the VPD FB page).  I tried Tweeting with the same result.

Then there’s this friend of mine.  She’s very dear and she’s a woman I’m sure most of you would like if you were to ever meet her.  She is funny, intelligent, articulate, motivated, driven and respectful.  She’s fun to be around, you always feel good after having spent time in her company and she makes a killer latte.  She also happens to be mother to two wonderful girls, both of whom have Facebook accounts.

This is where it gets tricky.

When Facebook first exploded on the scene my friend agreed to let her girls get accounts with the following stipulation – she also created an account and both girls had to ‘friend’ her.  This way, she was able to see that her girls used the social media platform appropriately as being their ‘friend’ allowed her access to their accounts.

Now that Facebook has been around for a while, I asked her what she thought of her kids using it and she told me this – if she had known then what she knows now she would not have allowed her children to create Facebook accounts.  Not  because Facebook is an evil entity (it isn’t) but because young people these days have no idea how to use it.   She said the bullying on FB makes schoolyard bullying look like a puff of cotton candy and the lack of etiquette is appalling.

Which brings me to this – Vancouver trustee Mike Lombardi hinted that perhaps schools should be responsible for educating students on appropriate use of social media platforms.  Here, here!  My friend taught her kids how to use Facebook responsibly but what about the other kids whose parents don’t give a hoot about what they do or who they hurt with their virtual mud slinging?  I’m not sure who should be responsible for this type of education if parents opt out , but the schools may be a place to start.

Even adults could use a refresher course on what is appropriate and what is not.

What do you think?

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