PSD Update

Thank you to all the readers who have asked after PSD Hondo’s health.  Your support of police dogs in general and of the VPD Dog Squad in particular is very heartfelt and to know Vancouver citizens appreciate our effort is confirmation that what we do as dog handlers and police officers does not go unnoticed.  Thank you.

So to answer your questions, Hondo is doing very well.  Actually, that might be the understatement of 2010, as Hondo is better than he has ever been and I wonder if he hadn’t been ill for quite some time.  He is a different dog than he was before he was diagnosed with IMHA, and I really have to thank the VPD for believing Hondo could be healed and to CanWest Veterinary Specialists for looking after him and providing him with world class care.

To give you an idea as to what he is like now – Hondo is more intense, more aware, more focused.  He is extremely affectionate with my family and has stepped up his guard duty in our backyard to keep the neighbours two cats out of our garden.

While working, Hondo is more eager than I’ve ever seen.  This might be due to his maturity (he’s 6 1/2 years old) or it might be because he missed a few months due to illness and feels he has to catch up. Who knows, but as far as I’m concerned, who really cares!

Yes, he’s more of a handful but I love it.

Again, thank you for your support.  It means more than you know.

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