Hang Up the Phone!!!

Driving Code Three in heavy Saturday afternoon traffic is low on my list of fun things to do.  Why?  Because of the drivers who do not pay attention to their surroundings.

Today, while on the way to a priority call, I was driving Code Three west on E 49th Ave when I came up to a red light light at another main intersection.  Traffic was very heavy but I was going as slowly as I needed to and I crept up on the intersection, clearing each lane of opposing traffic as I went.  The siren on my truck is very loud – loud enough for pedestrians to cover their ears and turn their heads away.  The lights on my truck light up like a Christmas tree and are very visible even in bright afternoon sunlight.

Five of the six lanes of opposing traffic stopped for me.  One lane did not.  The only reason the woman driving the fancy SUV did not see or hear me had to have been the cell phone pressed up to her ear.  She blathered on, chatting into her phone as she sailed passed the nose of my truck at 60 kilometers an hour.  She didn’t flinch, startle or even notice the blaring siren and flashing lights only a few feet to her left – she was completely oblivious!!  So incredibly frustrating!!

She drove off on her merry way and I let loose with a volley of words usually associated with swarthy pirates drunken sailors.  With more pressing issues at hand I did not get the license plate number on the SUV, and I carried on to the priority call.

I’m one for education and I more often give warnings instead of tickets, but this?  Give me a break!


Alright….I’m all better now….just had to get that off my chest.  🙂

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