Learning Curve

This may explain the lack of posts the last week or so – I finally decided on what to do about our computer situation.

The solution, for our family at least, was to go with the best features of both PC and Mac.

An iMac now sits where our old PC used to and is the main reason for little productivity on my part as there is a learning curve on the different system.  I’m starting to get the hang of it (it’s been a week and I’m going to take advantage of a one-to-one tutorial soon) and I’m confident everything will get easier as I go.

The plan is to buy a PC laptop with basic internet surfing capability (internet, email, homework etc).  Yes, the Mac Books are very nice, but they do far more than we require of a second computer and we can pick up a decent basic lap top for less than half the price of a Mac Book, even after we factor in the anti-virus software etc.

One huge bonus?  We now have ultra slick photo editing software so once I figure out how to use it I’ll be posting more photos.

Cheers for now, and here’s to wishing everyone has a great weekend!


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