Motorcycles and Parking

Last year I started writing a weekly column for the Vancouver Sun about driving habits, traffic laws and road-worthy pet peeves.   It’s been a great experience and the columns are well received.  Readers send e-mails outlining their own traffic woes and I enjoy every single one of them.

What has become apparent, however, is that readers really want to know what other readers think, and several have asked that I open the comments section so everyone can see the e-mails readers send me.  There are a few technical difficulties with that, of course, as many of the e-mails are sent with the assumption I will not re-reprint the e-mail without permission (which is a good assumption) and I’m not sure I could handle the extra time involved even if there was a way. 

Last week the Vancouver Sun column was about motorcycles and parking at metered parking spots.  Well, reader’s seem to be quite upset with the article as when I returned from the weekend away my email accout was full.  There were the usual and most appreciated emails from a few readers, but at least two were very upset at me over the by-law.  Others said my article was confusing, and yes, I guess it was. 

Is the law surrounding motorcycle parking in Vancouver a little ambiguous?  Yes. 

Should there be a better parking by-law for motorcycle and scooter riders?  Of course – we are a city trying our darndest to be green. 

But I will say this – much goes on with the laws and by-laws of the city and I suspect this is already being addressed.

One email from a good source (does that sound all cloak-and-dagger or what??) said he had spoken to a by-law enforcement officer about this exact issue and was informed motorcycles are allowed to ‘space share’ with a car.  This sounds like a great idea and makes perfect common sense, but no where in the by-law could I find a section as it relates to motorcycles, and the last by-law officer I spoke to said he would ticket a bike straddling two spots.  Mind you, as this source pointed out, several motorcycles can share one space without issue and this is a regular occurrence in Downtown Vancouver (again, no notation in the by-law).   The bikes only get ticketed if their meter expires.

Arg!  So confusing!

So, to those of you who have come over to the blog from the motorcycle article, I’m looking into this ever further and hopefully there is a suitable answer soon.  If you are a by-law enforcement officer and want to comment on this – PLEASE DO!!!! 

It looks like this entire issue needs some clarification.

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