Some People…

Yesterday morning, while working, I stopped at the intersection of two minor roads alongside a park to allow a couple walking two dogs to cross the street. 

The dogs were very little and neither was on a leash (don’t get me started…), and while the Wife had her little pooch at a neat heel her Husband was having a heck of a time getting his pint size furball to listen to him; the dog had found something interesting to sniff at and no amount of calling could entice it to join him.

The Husband finally crossed the street without the dog and stood on the opposite sidewalk calling to it.  I watched with some amusement while wondering who was training whom and thought the Husband and dog could use a few lessons in an obedience class, when finally, the little dog started to cross the street.

Just as another car was coming in the opposite direction. 

The car was really moving and the Husband saw it; he stepped into the road, waving his arms in a frantic stop gesture, trying to get the lady behind the wheel to at least slow down.

She didn’t.  She sped up, swerved around the Husband, nearly flattened the dog (she missed but it was close enough that I winced at the expected impact) and careened off down the street.

I waited a moment for the Husband to dart out and grab his dog before I went after the car.   I’d like to be polite about this, but there is no other way to say this – that lady driver was a piece of work. 

She was clearly angry at being pulled over and made a point of looking at her watch when I approached her window.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me:  “Vancouver Police.  Driver’s license and vehicle registration please.”

Driver:  silence as she dug out her wallet and other papers, which she handed over with a snap of her wrist 

Me:  “Do you know why I pulled you over?” (I know, it’s sort of a silly question, but I like to hear what people have to say)

Driver:  “I was going a little fast.  I’m late for an appointment.” 

Me:  “Those two pedestrians back there, the ones you went around?  You almost hit their dog.”

Driver:  “Dog? I saw their dog – it was on the sidewalk.  They had plenty of room.” 

Me:  “They had two dogs.  You didn’t see the other one.  You almost hit it when you went around them.  Those people were waving their arms around like that for a reason.”

Driver:  more silence and another look at her watch

At this point I walked back to my car.  I had to cool off before I said something I shouldn’t have.  The lady seemed not to care.  I checked her license, finished the traffic stop and sent the woman on her way with some extra paper (no further education there, I’m afraid), and went back to find the dog walkers.

After driving around the block it was clear they had gone.  Their dogs were okay, at least until their next walkies.  And I’ll tell you one thing – I wouldn’t have liked to have been the Husband on that walk home!

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