A Knot Tying Lesson

Some people go to great lengths to avoid arrest – they run, hide, leave the country, disguise themselves, change their names, dye their hair, wear coloured contacts, and in some cases, try to impersonate Spider Man.

Like this guy.  He was so determined to evade arrest he attempted to scale the outside of a glass building by tying his bed sheets together and lowering himself out the window.

I’m not kidding.  You cannot make this stuff up.

Too bad his knot tying skills did not pass the Boy Scout test – the sheets unravelled and he fell the last few stories:


He survived, of course, or I would not be posting this.  He was bit banged up, but he was walking (sort of) and talking when we caught up to him.  I hope he avoids this stunt in the future, because even though he may have improved his rope skills, I don’t think he realised how close he came to falling anyways.  The following photo shows what the man anchored the sheets to – the opening mechanism on the window.  Check out the teeny-tiny little screws holding the window hardware in place.  Only two were still secure:



Should he be nominated for a Darwin Award?  I definitely think so!

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