PC vs Mac – I’d rather be chasing bad guys!

Our current desktop needs to be upgraded and it’s become very clear in the last few weeks that we really need to retire the Mastodon-disguised-as-a-computer I am currently typing on.

So I spent this afternoon computer shopping. This is NOT a task for the faint hearted.  With my limited computer knowledge I was prone to questions such as, “A Giga-what?” and, “I beg your pardon, but what is a DDR3 and should I really know what four SO-DIMMS are going to do?”

It got even more confusing when I compared PC’s to the Mac line of computers and now I’m totally lost. 

PC’s have gone to an operating system that none of my old software is compatible with and Mac gave me the option of upgrading to a Snow Leopard from a regular Leopard, saying the former is quicker than the latter (snowshoes, perhaps?).  I’m guessing the feline terminology referred to the computer operating system and not to my age as it relates to cougars. 


Any way I look at it we’ll have to start from scratch for a desktop and a new laptop.  This is so confusing, and I’d much rather be chasing after bad guys than trying to decipher the PC vs Mac debate while deciding which computer system is best for us.


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