When Help Is Not Enough

One of my first posts in the fall of 2008 was titled The Bridge Jumper, a case about a man who wanted to end his life.  By circumstance, my partner and I were first onscene and found the man clinging to the outside of the bridge railing, seemingly intent on letting go.  With the help of a negotiator I talked to the distraught man for almost an hour and he eventually climbed back to safety.  He chose not to end his life that night and it was a choice he kept for the next several years.

The man went missing a few months ago.  No one knew where he was and there were no leads.  I checked on the file to see if he had turned up or if he had contacted anyone. Of all the distraught and lost people I’ve dealt with, I was really rooting for this guy.

Last month, a body was recovered from the river not far from the bridge.  It had been in the water for a while.

It was identified.  It was him.

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