Bad Guys Beware….He’s Baaaack….

Last night was Hondo’s  first shift back to work. 

I was a little giddy as I went through my regular pre-night-shift-routine during the day and I’m sure Hondo picked up on the anticipation – he was shadow at my heel, his tail was in a constant slow wag, and he kept waiting at the front door with a “Come one! What are we waiting for?” look.

Finally, it was time.

We were at work, dressed and ready (yes, the dogs get ‘dressed’ as well – in their work harnesses), and we hadn’t even left the office parking lot before we got our first call.  When I flipped on the lights and siren and pushed the accelerator to the floor, Hondo did a spin in the back of the truck and let out a woof.  His excitement was obvious as he NEVER barks or stands up in the back of the truck when we drive Code Three, and when I looked in the rear view mirror the silhouette of his ears was a very welcome sight. 

Considering that eight weeks ago I wasn’t sure Hondo was even going to survive, coupled with the knowledge that I may never again work with my faithful K9 partner, last night was a certainly a gift.  Every shift working with Hondo has been a priviledge and is an experience like no other, as all other K9 handlers can attest to. 

The bond between dog and handler runs deep, and these next few years will be spent knowing I am at the pinnacle of my career.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

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