Of Quarries and Police Dogs

This past weekend the Dog Squad put on an orientation class for a group of potential quarries on what it takes to decoy for police dogs.  With the help of a few experts the day was second to none and it was obvious everyone involved benefited to some degree. 

The funniest part of the day was watching as the new decoys were introduced to bite suits and made to run a short distance to warm themselves up.  If you have never worn a bite suit, it is comparable to wearing a mattress with cut outs for your arms and legs – very hot, quite restrictive and heavy.  You sweat, a lot:


The decoys were instructed on the different ways to work a dog and were shown the most effective ways to become an excellent quarry.  The group was top notch which bodes well for the training future of our police dogs, because really, we as dog teams are nothing without good quarries.  A good quarry = an excellent police dog = multiple arrests = bad guys going to jail = reduced crime = JOB WELL DONE. 

Update on Hondo – the vets at Canada West Veterinary Specialists & Critical Care Hospital cleared Hondo to return to work two weeks ago, but just because he has been cleared does not mean he’s ready to hit the streets.  The last couple of weeks have been spent on conditioning, training and recuperation.  The quarry class was Hondo’s first go at extended training and exertion since he has been ill and he did very well.  It’s clear he’s very eager to get back to work, as am I. 

That said, it was quite something watching all the dogs work during the orientation class and to see the quarries acquire new skills. Just watching the experts teach is a privilege, and I learn something every time.

Now, back to training with Hondo – we are on the count down for our return to full duty….




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